Raw Paws Pet Food Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Supplement for Dogs & Cats

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Best Coconut Oil Supplement for Dogs and Cats – Pets Love the Taste!

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Nutrient rich, daily “Superfood” supplement  that improves digestion, boosts immune system & metabolic function while improving pets’ skin and coat health.

Raw Paws Pet Coconut Oil Supplement is an excellent Superfood offering a multitude of health benefits for dogs and cats. Add this 100% natural coconut oil to your cat or dog’s food as a daily supplement or right from the spoon as a tasty treat. Organic Coconut Oil, when taken daily, reduces allergies, improves skin and coat, strengthens the immune system and protects against fleas and ticks. Your pet will also be more energetic because Coconut Oil helps to balance the thyroid and boost metabolism helping to manage weight. Ease coconut oil into your pets diet serving 1/4 tsp. daily to small pets, kittens and puppies or 1 tsp. daily to large pets. Gradually increasing up to 1 tsp. daily per 10-pounds of body weight.

Our raw, organic virgin coconut oil is sourced from coconuts naturally grown in the Philippines and contains one ingredient: Organic Coconut Oil. Our product is cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil making it chemical free, not bleached or deodorized. Raw Paws Pet Coconut Oil is packaged in a 8-ounce jar making it easy to serve and store. Please note, coconut oil will liquefy at 76 degrees F. Whether liquid or solid the endless uses and health benefits remain the same.

✔ Organic – 100% Organic, raw, pure cold-pressed oil. Naturally healthy!

✔ Unrefined – Raw Paws Pet Coconut Oil has not been refined, bleached or deodorized preserving the natural flavor of fresh coconuts.

✔ Superfood For Pets – Rich in Lauric Acid, which has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties, this product provides optimal healing and immune building both inside and out!

✔ Natural Hairball Remedy – Non-petroleum lubricant for cats with hairball issues. Helps reduce the formation and aids in the pass through of hairballs.

✔ Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat – Raw Paws Coconut Oil naturally moisturizes without chemicals making it ideal for wound healing PLUS treatment for hot spots, dry itchy skin and brittle hair, bites and stings.

✔ Pure Coconut Oil – 100% unrefined, organic virgin coconut oil … that’s it!

✔ Optimal Nutrition – High in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), a “GOOD FAT” providing a multitude of health benefits, Coconut Oil improves digestion and immune support, promotes energy and weight management.

✔ Whole Body Support – In addition to the healing, immune building, digestion and metabolic benefits, coconut oil supports strong bone growth, reduces inflammation and help alleviate arthritis pain.

✔ Improves Digestion – Increases nutrient absorption and helps with colitis and inflammatory bowl syndrome.

The Health Benefits are Endless

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 Reduces allergic reactions and improves skin and coat health.
✔ Balances the thyroid and gentlly elevates metabolism resulting in higher energy levels and weight management.
✔ Improves digestion and nutrient absorption.
✔ Improves oral health helping to combat bad breath and clean teeth.
✔ Strengthens immune system with powerful antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agents.
✔ Helps to control diabetes by regulating and balancing insulin levels.
✔ Protects against fles, ticks and mites.
✔ Supports the musculoskeletal system by building strong bones, reducing inflammation and alleviating arthritis discomfort.

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